Thanksgiving 2016 Keto Recipe Round Up

What are you making for Thanksgiving this year?

Many people use the holidays as an excuse to jump off the keto wagon and over-indulge in high-carb and sugary carbage. Why? There are so many delicious keto-friendly recipes out there, there really is no reason to ruin your keto high.

Here are my favorite Thanksgiving appropriate, keto-friendly, delicious recipes for this year.


Turkey is definitely the easiest part of a traditional Thanksgiving meal to convert into a low-carb version, because it’s naturally low carb! So most any turkey recipe out there will work, but I thought I’d include a not-so-average way of making turkey – sous vide – (Thanks for the suggestion, Mike!). Try topping your turkey with one of the compound butter recipes below, too.

Sous Vide Turkey


Probably the most missed traditional Thanksgiving side dish is the stuffing (or is it mashed potatoes??). But do not fret, dear Ketonian! There are delicious ways to have your stuffing and maintain ketosis.

Spicy Sausage and Cheddar Stuffing (from i breathe i’m hungry)

Cauliflower Stuffing (from Delish – considering leaving out the carrots, and perhaps even adding sausage!)

Veggie Sides

Creamed Brussels Sprouts (from The View from Great Island – I would use heavy cream in place of the milk, and omit the flour in the recipe)

Loaded Cauliflower “Faux-tato” Salad (from Keto Carole)

Gravy & Condiments

12 Compound Butter Recipes (flavored butter from Keto Diet App)

Keto Country Gravy (from


My son has been asking for a Pecan Pie, so I’m going to try this version from Holistically Engineered and omit the molasses.

Classic Pumpkin Pie (from Maria Mind Body)

Keto Egg Nog (recipe from Keto Carole)


What are you making this year? Post recipes in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2016 Keto Recipe Round Up

  1. I made a “keto friendly” cheese cake by modifying our family favorite. It’s a NY style, no crust. Originally it called for 3 T flour and 3 T cornstarch, 1.5 cp sugar and 32 oz cream cheese, a stick of butter, a pint of sour cream and 4 eggs. I substituted 1cp Swerve, and used 4T total finely floured Almond meal. I reduced from 4 to 3 eggs because I dropped half cup sweetener. I cooked it 325 for 90 min, left it in the turned off oven for another 30 min. It came out looking beautiful. Still – one 16th of the cheese cake is 20 gr carb, 6 gr protein. I’ll be taking approx one bite…the rest of the folks at dinner can have the rest.


    1. Sounds delicious! For the 20 grams carb count, I wonder if you’re counting the “carbs” in Swerve? Due to labeling laws in the US, grams of erythritol and other sugar alcohols get lumped in with the carbs on the nutrition label, but they aren’t actually carbs, so I’m betting your cheesecake is much lower in carbs than you think!


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